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“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

About Our Editor in Chief

Rochelle Johnson was born in Illinois and raised in Indiana. She migrated south with her family to settle and raise her sons. She was determined to rewrite her story.  Bruised and broken she is determined to leave a greater legacy for her sons; Generational curses, poverty, lack of education would not be her portion nor will it be her sons norm. 

On June 12, 1999 she would give birth to her second son who was born with Autism/PDD/OCD. “My perfect bouncing baby boy began as early as I can remember at age 2 to present signs that something was different in his development.”

Being in denial, She discounted for years, "he is just developing slower than my oldest son.” It wasn’t until her son entered kindergarten that the delays were visible by someone other than his mother and father. Her son was then refered to a behavioral specialist, then to a psychologist. 

Her son tested from age of five until he was clinically diagnosed with PDD|AUTISM & OCD at the age of nine. 

To many times we women give up their lives for children, believing life is over but its not it’s an adjustment period, a learning and strengthening time. 

Rochelle’s son is now twenty and has endured life with countless obstacles. From depression, bullying, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, traumatic experiences that caused paranoia; yet he continues to defeat the odds against him. He faces challenges head on and with great determination in his spirit to press past pain to persevere defying ALL thats against him! 

Rochelle decided to share the hope she gained from her son with the world. That “Ah Ha” moment is when 6Twelve Magazine was born! There is so much negativity going on in this world and very few sources that deliver a positive message on the happenings that are positive in the world. Rochelles’ mission has always been to give her children a source to be proud of and feed them positivity. 

6 Twelve is a voice, a voice for those who endure and overcome somethings in their lives against all odds.  6 Twelve is Rochelles Autistic son’s voice; enduring all that he has endured. “I owe it to him to become his voice and the voice of countless others who would not otherwise have one. I owe my sons a fight to give back a voice that was taken away from our family by an Autism diagnosis. “

6 Twelve Magazine represents strength, enduring and resilience!!

Thank you for supporting my journey, my vision, 6Twelve Magazine. 

Rochelle Johnson

Founder|Editor in Chief

6 Twelve Magazine