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QT Jazz

165626_8f07e7bc0ddc4e84ae2ea0baabbabe81QT Jazz is a little older now and has a few things that she will like to share with you. She has been working hard, and according to her the old age is kicking in LOL.  She has been getting into writing  a whole lot more. She has released her remix to Aaliyah “At Your Best” and it was the first song she wrote by herself. In the first week she received 10k plays, “I was really happy with the feedback that I received”, says QT. She also released an Xscape tribute, when they did Xscape aired on Unsung; They were not too pleased on how they were portrayed. After that there was a lot of talk about doing an Xscape biopic. She got with two of the OMG Girlz (Zonnique and Bahja), and Kelsie and they did a tribute to Xscape- “Understanding”. Outside of that, she has dipped into a many of things: One a program she did with Sprite- Sprite P.O.U.R. as a social influencer which focuses on highlighting people doing fashion, art and music. Because the program went so well she eventually  got to work with people like Coke- and do the award shows. She also has a lip gloss collection, which did really well online Selfies Cosmetics contacted her and asked to feature her in a selection called the “QT” selection. QT Jazz has been doing more of acting lately . It’s not to many things that she can speak on because things are still in the works. QT Jazz wants you all to know to that she has a bright future and looks forward to sharing with her fans

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At Your Best (remix)


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 Written by : Asia Diamond



OMG!!!!!! Last night was amazing. When I tell you that I had a great time I feel like I’m lying. I had an amazing time last night!!!! I (Asia Diamond) have to first say thank you again to Josh (Fly Publicity) for inviting Six Twelve Magazine and OMHHI out last night to cover Luke James show. Now I have to be honest, I have heard about Luke James a few times. I have even had a friend on social media (lyricsbykim) tag me in a few of Luke James postings. So when I received the invite to cover his show I said I have to go to this. I heard nothing but good things about Luke James but you know how the media can be. Can’t believe everything you hear. Well I will say the MEDIA WAS RIGHT!!!!!! 
Luke James is a wonderful performer. He can saaaaannnnngggg and his energy OMG (yes I know I keep saying that but thats how I feel).  As he performed I had to go to my iTunes and purchase his album right away. He kind of remind me of the young Johnny Gill (singing wise). He hit every single note, and most of all he gave a show. 
Ooooo let me rewind…..George Tandy Jr. opened up for Luke James and he had the crowd going, I have a feeling he use to be a comedian at some point in his life. He performed his single March and that was my first time hearing it and I am ready to see him perform again. 
I am at a lost for words on this whole show. 
Two amazing singers/entertainers, I would love to see them both again live. Luke James is the TRUTH!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned for footage, photos and interviews from Six Twelve Magazine, OMHHI (On My HipHop Ish) and The Show with Kym Swain.


*this write up was by 612 angel Asia Diamond*

BET Music Matters

On August 12th, 2014 BET hosted their “Music Matters Showcase” at Sounds of Brazil better known as SOB’s. The intimate venue filled with aspiring artists and music lovers from all over the country. Talent from New York, Los Angeles, Maryland, and of course Atlanta where singer J Rome was bred. I’ve never heard J Rome sing before, only hearing of his buzz through friends in the business but I knew he was special because they always save the best for last. He was introduced by his “big sis” and mentor R&B Diva Monifah. Though the stage at SOB is small, he brought an entire band with him including 3 back up singers, so I knew he was about business. The moment he opened his voice to serenade, several individuals screamed “sing boy”, and that’s exactly what he did. With his voice angelic and effortless he stole everyone’s heart with an acapella version of Brian McKnight’s “One Last Cry”.
After this show I am definitely a fan and I look forward to seeing him

Jrome and 612 Angel Nate

Jrome and 612 Angel Nate

grace many stages in the future.

*this writeup was by 612 Angel Nate*