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“Women Rule The World!”

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Jan|Feb 2011


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Sunday, July 27th – When I first saw the flyer for Ladies Who Brunch ATL I just knew this was something that Six Twelve Magazine had to attend. Not only did they have an amazing panel (Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Necole B,Latasha Wright and Emily B), but what lady doesn’t want to go to a tea party. I was so excited to get dolled up and attend this amazing event. Entering the Biltmore Hotel it had been transformed into your ultimate tea party. Whom ever Dayira Jones and Bianca Rush (Founders of Ladies Who Brunch ATL) had to do their event planning did an amazing job. I learned so much being at this event. I think this is the best part when it comes to attending events-you get to meet amazing people and learn amazing things.

At the Tea Party the ladies were asked a series of questions. Questions were all about business-how to become a better business person, the kind of decision you should attempt to make when starting a business and more. A few of the questions stuck with me in particular. These are things I’m pretty sure a lot of women and men (but this day was all about the ladies) want to know so I will provide a few for you:

What was your journey like to starting your own business? (now I am not going to quote word for word but I will tell you little key points)

•Kandi- Kandi signed her first deal when she was 16. Her main goal was when she made it she wanted to be able to maintain her life style. Kandi didn’t want to be one of those artist who were HOT and then fell off. Kandi never wanted to be broke. “Defeat yourself”

•Cynthia Bailey-“I have to say I hate going behind Kandi and her success story” *LOL.” Cynthia expressed that Kandi is one of the hardest working ladies that she knows. Cynthia’s main thing was to surround yourself around people who are doing things. “It takes work to become successful.Once you are there you have to stay there”

•Necole-“Let Go and Let God”. Necole moved to New York to work for music labels. Necole heard one No after another when she went to apply for a position. So Necole left New York and went back home to Maryland where she started her blog talking about celebrities. Necole gave herself a year to get her website up and running. Necole was successful in reaching her goal so now she doesn’t have to work for no one.

•Natasha- Natasha was a makeup artist 7 years ago working for Mac. Natasha never thought that she would end up traveling. “do what you love to do with passion ,support those that support you, give to those that give to you.” You will be able to become successful in your craft

•Emily- At the age of 13 she started building her portfolio by working with models then that branched off to celebrities. Love and Hip Hop New York was her big break

The ladies then talked about building their business and how to stay in a business.

Cynthia stated that when you find your craft, lane or business stay in that business. If your going to act-act, model-model. When Cynthia stated this I did not agree with it. I guess because I do a million and one things, but I’m loving all that I do. As Cynthia was speaking in my head I was thinking- No go for it all but perfect it all. Kandi hit the nail on the head saying that she disagreed with Cynthia. Kandi stated- If you are good at what you do, do that but go and do something else if there is something else you want to do. But find someone who is good at what you can do and can help you. “Find a partner”

Natasha had mentioned that you cant always expect to get paid for something. Of course this stuck with me because I have done a lot of things for free and continue to do so. I do it though because I love everything that I do and I learn from everything that I do to become better. Some people may disagree. But Natasha said it best “if someone is paying you zero and the next is paying you a million, always give the same quality of work”

I can go on and on about what these ladies talked about but you will be reading for ever. So I figured I would just highlight some main points that stuck with me and that I plan on doing on my end as well.

I must say I look forward to seeing who will be on the panel next year. Maybe one day I might get on the panel 🙂 (hmmm I’m going to have to make that a goal ijs)

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Six Twelve Magazine attended the Alltime2shine event,which is for upcoming artist who gets the chance to showcase their talent and style for music. The showcase was at a club called Enclave. When you look on the outside of the club it looks looks as if the club would be small, once you go in it was total opposite quite spacious and open. You can tell they cater to their VIP which is on both sides of the club.The stage was just right for the performers to do their thing. There were many great performers, but two stood out . One singer by the name of Casme’ when she sang she had the whole clubs attention , and she could dance. She is a force to be reckoned with. There was also a group of four handsome young men by the name of IamVincentClark . These young men sang their hearts out and had dance moves for days, making all the ladies melt, they were very charming. Well known rapper/artist Diamond came out to show love wearing a long black dress, with her new purple hair looking gorgeous.I enjoyed myself and was very entertained. If you never been to atltime2shine events I would say make it your business to come on out and check out these up and coming artist.

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