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Jan|Feb 2011


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Sip N Shop

What’s my products? What’s my vision? What’s my brand? Those are some of the questions to ask yourself when entrepreneurship is your goal. 
The Brand You Sip N Shop was held at Exotic Paradise Boutique on Saturday, January 24 and hosted by Brandi Nichole, CEO of Bee Chic Images. With over 12 years in her field, Brandi Nichole offered her personal insight of taking on the business world. Guest and vendors had an opportunity to learn the fundamentals and dos and don’ts of creating a brand that applies to all business no matter the field.
One piece of information to note is that your brand needs to be attractive to your target audience while staying true to yourself. Now I can’t give away the details, you’ll just have to make it to the next one; but if your contemplating being your own boss one day, ask yourself ‘What’s my brand?’!

*this write up was by 612 angel EJ Peterson*

Insta Work Networking Event

Social Network, it’s not just about how many followers, likes and comments you can get. Two main reasons for these platforms are to be social and networking. At the #instaworknetworking event brought to us by Adrena- CEO of Creationz from a Dove, we did just that.
From artistry and event planning to food and Liq’Her, Paragon 7 housed all things entrepreneurial. Imagine the benefit of just being in that environment, the motivation you obtain from hearing those who struggled and still found the strength to make a dream come true.
This was an event to receive marketing advice and information on using social media to benefit your company and your brand. This event gave businesses, whether up and coming or established, a platform to essentially say I am here, please support me while also taking note that support is much more than a “like” or “share”. But the evening wasn’t all business, there were musicians, poets and storytellers to please our ears and stimulate our creativity.
For those who have a dream business or even an idea, Insta Work is the event for you. Don’t miss out next time-I am the ‘I told you so’ type.

This write up was by 612 Angel EJ Peterson