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Atlanta Takes the Stage Worldwide

Young Stars 360

Six Twelve Magazine was stoked to be a part of an extraordinary event. The Atlanta Takes the Stage Worldwide Young Trendsetters Fashion Show featuring Prince the son of hip-hop superstar Future. lt was an exciting  day to be a part of Atlanta’s top non-profit organization, Hosea Feed the Hungry, Hot 107.9, and other organizations and Industry Leaders for a great cause! We came out to support and enjoyed a great show with some of the stars from the hit TV show “Rap Game”, and other celebs! The event took place at the Villages at Carver Family YMCA. Portions of the proceeds benefited the Hosea Feed the Hungry

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Bronze Lens Festival Opening Night-Chapter and Verse

Thursday, November 5, 2015 Bronze Lens Festival Opening Night was held at the 444 Theater. Six Twelve Magazine had the chance to see such an amazing film Chapter and Verse about a Black Man In Harlem directed by Jamal Joseph and Produced by Cheryl Hill.


Watching this movie I felt like I was right at home, being that I’m from Harlem. I was excited to see the movie and see my home on the big screen.


I want to talk about the amazing actors and actresses featured in the film from Daniel Betty (Sir Lance), Loretta Divine (Miss Maddy), Omar Hardwick (Jomo), Selenis Leyva (Yolanda), and more. The director (Jamal Joseph) cast each person to their role, I believed every one committed to their role. It’s nothing more greater than watching a movie, and the director and producer makes you makes you either love or hate a character.


I’m going to take a moment and touch on each character because that’s how much I was into the film. Not only one person stood out to me.


I must say this is my first time seeing Daniel Betty in a film. I have never seen him act before, and I must say I will love to see him in another film or TV show. He is an amazing actor. With his role just looking at him and being judgmental like a normal human being I just knew he was going to be trouble. Welp, he proved me wrong, he proved me all the way wrong. He was a changed man coming out of prison and wanted nothing but the best for himself and others around him.


Loretta Divine now we all know she’s an amazing actress and when she commits to a role she commits to it. To be honest she is the only reason I watch Doc McStuffin truth be told she even commits to her voice over roles. She played Miss Maddy a warm, funny and caring lady. She was the type (well she seemed like the type) to take anyone that she thought and knew had a heart. The film had funny, serious and very emotional moments. But Miss Maddy was funny as every she is the mother, grandmother, friend, next door neighbor that anyone would want to have in their presence. When ever she came on that screen it was rarely a dull moment with her. You were bound to get a good laugh.


Omar Hardwick. Now I know the saying goes the Ladies Love Cool J. But Omar right now is the ladies man. Just a crack of a smile, a look, just him doing bench presses gets a ladies attention. What I love and notice about Omar besides the good looks lol he commits to a role and never chooses the wrong role. We have some actors out here that just do a movie to do it because of a check or just to say they worked with so and so. I do not get that from him at all. My first time noticing him was in For Colored Girls and I’ve been following him ever since. Watching him Chapter and Verse thought he was going to be your average hood booger. Nope, wrong again. I must say I love being proved wrong. He was just another black man trying and wanting to make an honest living, and help anyone that he thought or felt needed help. Nothing but a new life for him.


Selenis Leyva, some of you may know her from Orange Is The New Black. Now when I tell you she is hilarious she is hilarious. It was funny watching her in this film because no matter what she said or how she said it, even when she was being serious you couldn’t help but laugh. But she made sure she did what she had to do to get the job done. She was able to hold down the fork. She is another one that I will start following after seeing her in this film and watching her in the Orange Is The New Black. I will be following her acting career. She is amazing and I know and see great things coming her way and of course she from New York!! So of course I’m going to keep up with her and her career.


Now I just wanted to give you a little taste of what I thought about everyone’s role without giving too much information. Because if I give too much information you’re not going to go see it. It’s like seeing a trailer of a movie and the trailer shows too much. It’s like just wait for it to come on DVD. Well not this film it’s a must see to get all the juice, the laughs, the tears and the anger out.


Now I have to say congratulations and job well done to the director and producer. This is their first film out of their company Harlem Film Company. Jamal and Cheryl were tired of hearing No’s when it come to directing and producing their own films. So they took matters into their own hands and started their own company. I see nothing but great success coming their way.


Harlem Film Company – An Integrated Film and Digital Media Company is a start-up engaged in creating a motion picture studio that will develop, produce, market, and distribute African American and Latino independent films and digital media productions branded for commercial success.


For more information on Harlem Film Company visit


For information on Chapter and Verse visit


Chapter and Verse Coming To A Theater Near You Soon!

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Written by : Asia Diamond