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2017 Pink Champagne Gala


Six Twelve Magazine was so excited to attend the 2017 Pink Champagne Gala in Atlanta n Saturday! The Charge Up Campaign and The Table Talk Series presented Cancer is a Beast, the Charge Up Charge Pynk Pink Champagne Gala. The gala was to celebrate cancer survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals. The event was hosted by Big Ray Dyer from V-103 and Kim McNair of Women on the Move. They honored attendees: Ann-Marie Appiah (Painted Pink), Tiah Tomlin (My Breast Years Ahead), Meisha Amia (Nurse MeMe) and Anisa Palmer (I Will Survive) as well as Charge Up Honorees Janet Jackson and Larry Gibson. Charlotte Wilson of Glow Skin Enhancement presented a special moment to survivors and caregivers. We were able to enjoy great music and awesome vendors. Proceeds from the gala support Charge Up Campaign Day of Celebration Road Trip and one survivor in need of support! This was a pleasurable event to be a part of.

Six Twelve Magazine~ Oh So Six-1-2!

Juvenile, Mystikal, Trick Daddy and More!

Atlanta, GA (January 3, 2017) Hosted by Award-winning comedian, MC Lightfoot, the New Year’s Eve Old School Hip Hop Festival, at Philips Arena, in Atlanta, GA brought together many of this genre’s greatest – Scarface, 8Ball & MJG, Pastor Troy, Juvenile, Mystikal, Trick Daddy, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, and Jalil & Ecstasy of Whodini.
Pastor Troy, with his signature championship belt and high energy, opened up the festival and set the tone for a night that all attendees would remember, with fan favorites such as “Vice Versa” from his fourth studio album, Face Off.  Grammy Award-winning artist, Big Daddy Kane wowed concert-goers with the skills that has placed him on some of the most highly regarded industry lists.  The legendary lyricist who has enjoyed several notable collaborations (Jay Z, Ice Cube, Heavy D, Patti LaBelle, Quincy Jones) and gold albums added his musical rays to the venue’s energy with hits like “Smooth Operator”.
His peers expertly handled the passed musical baton and ensured that the collective as they owned the stage and their respective sets.  Trick Daddy delighted the crowd with his 2001 hit, “I’m a Thug” which reached #17 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Veteran and “I am Hip-Hop” (BET Hip Hop Awards) award recipient, Scarface took attendees on a wonderful musical journey with his hits.  His most successful single, “Smile” from his fourth album, The Untouchable and “Mind Playin’ Tricks ’94” from his third studio album, The Diary, were interwoven with other fan-faves.  Mystikal’s set wouldn’t be complete without “Danger (Been So Long)”, from his fourth album, Let’s Get Ready, which had peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100, #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks, and #3 on the Hot Rap Singles.  As with all of his musical peers, he wished ATLiens, in attendance, a happy new year but unapologetically (and with a smile) gave a shout-out to his fellow New Orleans natives.
Jalil and Ectasy of Whodini worked the stage as they have since splashing on to the scene over 30 years ago with “Friends” and “One Love” while 8Ball & MJG’s Billboard charting and other hits added nicely to the exciting essence of the festival.  Juvenile perfectly set the stage for the festival closers as he moved around further enlivened by attendees who reminded him of why “Slow Motion” hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.  Singing along with the Southern hip-hop veteran, there was no turning back as festival highlights were now set to become wonderful year-end memories.
Still at the top of their game, Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s set kept attendees on their feet as they took them through their high number of classic hits (“Children’s Story” – woohoo), body of work, and into 2017! Legends holding it down for decades, the two were the perfect headliners for the festival.
Hip hop fans who missed the New Year’s Eve festivities have more chances to catch the Old School Hip Hop Festival on Feb. 14th in Lousville, KY and April 14th, in Columbus, GA!  To find out more about this tour and the Legends of Southern Hip Hop one, please visit
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Actress/Singer Demetria McKinney And Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Kandi Burruss Team Up Causing Unnecessary Trouble

Atlanta, GA- December 28, 2015– R&B songstress Demetria McKinney releases her new single and video featuring singer/songwriter Kandi. The song titled “Unnecessary Trouble” premiered last night on Season 8 of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta where McKinney made a guest appearance. The video was directed by famed photographer Derek Blanks and features RHOA alumni Claudia Jordan.Regarding the inspiration of the song and video, Demetria had this to say, “Unnecessary Trouble” came from the drama of season 7 of RHOA regarding not only my relationship with my boyfriend, but also the murmurs about Kandi and Todd’s relationship.The song is an anthem made to remind people that relationships have to be figured out between the people in the relationship.

McKinney is widely known for her role as “Janine Payne” on the hit TBS sitcom “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,” which has taped over 254 episodes and received five NAACP Image Awards for Best Sitcom. After her stint with season 7 Real Housewives of Atlanta the eOne Music recording artist has been keeping busy touring with the Pepsi Funkfest and opening for R. Kelly on his Black Panties tour.

Demetria’s  gut wrenching ballad “Trade It All” is currently on the Urban AC charts and her club and radio hit single titled “100.”  skyrocketed to #4 and is currently on the iTunes R & B charts. “100” is a hip hop infused women’s anthem featuring one of the rap genre’s first ladies – Da Brat.

Kandi Burruss is a singer-songwriter, television personality,occasional actress, record producer and a former member of the group Xscape. Now, Burruss currently stars as one of six members in the Bravo reality television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta since its second season premiere on July 30, 2009. Kandi will also serve as executive producer on Demetria McKinney’s upcoming LP “Officially Yours”.

To view the video click here
For press/interviews contact Anje Collins

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The Ultimate Blueprint Tour with Vivica Fox, Wendy Raquel, and more!

Atlanta, GA—-The new year will start off right as we are pleased to announce the Ultimate Blueprint Tour: Unlocking the Potential of Her, in which a portion of sales are benefiting homeless women and children.  The Ultimate Blueprint Tour is a 9 city tour that will kickoff January 23, 2016 in Houston, TX at the Norris Conference Center at CityCentre.  Guest speakers include Vivica Fox,Wendy Raquel Robinson, Towanda Braxton, Dr. Jewel Tankard, Debra Antney, Yvette Caslin, Shani C. Johnson, Cheryl Wood, Rosa Acosta, Dr. Heavenly, Torsha Marie, Patricia Thompson, and more surprised speakers to be announced.
The Ultimate Blueprint Tour is the brainchild of Meisha Young, Kanisha Greene, and Adrienne Dawkins, who are all very passionate about what this tour represents.  The Ultimate Blueprint is a strategy used to redesign and rebuild the lives of women and offer them the transforming keys to unlock HER career, inner-self, relationships, skills, beauty, businesses, confidence, and much more. The sole purpose of this tour is to give women the much needed platform to speak, effect change, and relate to other women in the world.  The tour’s desire is to conform the way we do business in general to employ this growth and impact women everywhere, not just on a national level but a Global level.
The Ultimate Blueprint Tour is an all day experience which will include panels, workshops, live entertainment, pampering suites, VIP gifting suites, food, drinks, shopping, vendors, and so much more.
Tickets are available for purchase now at
Follow The Ultimate Blueprint Tour on all social media @theultimateblueprint and visit for tour dates, location, updates, or to have the Ultimate Blueprint Tour come to your city.
If you know a local Millennial Woman in your city that you would love to speak on the panel and share their story, email or contact us on the website.
Sponsorship and vendor opportunities are available.
For all media inquiries,
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ATL Live On The Park Season Finale with Angie Stone

ATL Live On The Park had their season finale on Tuesday, November 10th. ATL Live On the Park has had some great entertainers come by and grace the stage. From Silk, Demetria Mckinney, Tyra B, Lyfe Jennings and more. But, they closed it out with a bang with R&B Diva Angie Stone. Angie Stone had the chance to meet with media and talk about her career and upcoming album.

Now we all know Angie Stone from her hit singles Brothers, which just so happens to be one of her favorite songs that she has done. To let us know that we have help our Brothers and not the kick them down but bring them up. You may also know Ms. Stone from *singing* My sunshine has come, and I’m all cried out. And there’s no more rain in this cloud. We have all had days like this, but when you get through it you get through. This as you can see is my favorite song. Hence I started singing.

As I had the chance to listen to her tell her story. The first thing that came to my mind is you never know  what a person is going through. You should not assume. I had the chance to ask Ms. Stone do you consider yourself a pioneer or an icon? Ms. Angie responded Pioneer. She does not consider herself as an Icon until she wins her a grammy.

She has been nominated for a grammy, but has yet to win. The fact that she was able to humble herself and say that she is not icon says a lot. When a person is able to humble themselves it shows who a person really is. In my eyes Angie Stone is an ICON, but I respect what she feels about herself and her career.

Angie Stone performed her hit singles. As well as music from her new album Dream available in stores and online.


Written by: Asia Diamond

Bronze Lens Festival Opening Night-Chapter and Verse

Thursday, November 5, 2015 Bronze Lens Festival Opening Night was held at the 444 Theater. Six Twelve Magazine had the chance to see such an amazing film Chapter and Verse about a Black Man In Harlem directed by Jamal Joseph and Produced by Cheryl Hill.


Watching this movie I felt like I was right at home, being that I’m from Harlem. I was excited to see the movie and see my home on the big screen.


I want to talk about the amazing actors and actresses featured in the film from Daniel Betty (Sir Lance), Loretta Divine (Miss Maddy), Omar Hardwick (Jomo), Selenis Leyva (Yolanda), and more. The director (Jamal Joseph) cast each person to their role, I believed every one committed to their role. It’s nothing more greater than watching a movie, and the director and producer makes you makes you either love or hate a character.


I’m going to take a moment and touch on each character because that’s how much I was into the film. Not only one person stood out to me.


I must say this is my first time seeing Daniel Betty in a film. I have never seen him act before, and I must say I will love to see him in another film or TV show. He is an amazing actor. With his role just looking at him and being judgmental like a normal human being I just knew he was going to be trouble. Welp, he proved me wrong, he proved me all the way wrong. He was a changed man coming out of prison and wanted nothing but the best for himself and others around him.


Loretta Divine now we all know she’s an amazing actress and when she commits to a role she commits to it. To be honest she is the only reason I watch Doc McStuffin truth be told she even commits to her voice over roles. She played Miss Maddy a warm, funny and caring lady. She was the type (well she seemed like the type) to take anyone that she thought and knew had a heart. The film had funny, serious and very emotional moments. But Miss Maddy was funny as every she is the mother, grandmother, friend, next door neighbor that anyone would want to have in their presence. When ever she came on that screen it was rarely a dull moment with her. You were bound to get a good laugh.


Omar Hardwick. Now I know the saying goes the Ladies Love Cool J. But Omar right now is the ladies man. Just a crack of a smile, a look, just him doing bench presses gets a ladies attention. What I love and notice about Omar besides the good looks lol he commits to a role and never chooses the wrong role. We have some actors out here that just do a movie to do it because of a check or just to say they worked with so and so. I do not get that from him at all. My first time noticing him was in For Colored Girls and I’ve been following him ever since. Watching him Chapter and Verse thought he was going to be your average hood booger. Nope, wrong again. I must say I love being proved wrong. He was just another black man trying and wanting to make an honest living, and help anyone that he thought or felt needed help. Nothing but a new life for him.


Selenis Leyva, some of you may know her from Orange Is The New Black. Now when I tell you she is hilarious she is hilarious. It was funny watching her in this film because no matter what she said or how she said it, even when she was being serious you couldn’t help but laugh. But she made sure she did what she had to do to get the job done. She was able to hold down the fork. She is another one that I will start following after seeing her in this film and watching her in the Orange Is The New Black. I will be following her acting career. She is amazing and I know and see great things coming her way and of course she from New York!! So of course I’m going to keep up with her and her career.


Now I just wanted to give you a little taste of what I thought about everyone’s role without giving too much information. Because if I give too much information you’re not going to go see it. It’s like seeing a trailer of a movie and the trailer shows too much. It’s like just wait for it to come on DVD. Well not this film it’s a must see to get all the juice, the laughs, the tears and the anger out.


Now I have to say congratulations and job well done to the director and producer. This is their first film out of their company Harlem Film Company. Jamal and Cheryl were tired of hearing No’s when it come to directing and producing their own films. So they took matters into their own hands and started their own company. I see nothing but great success coming their way.


Harlem Film Company – An Integrated Film and Digital Media Company is a start-up engaged in creating a motion picture studio that will develop, produce, market, and distribute African American and Latino independent films and digital media productions branded for commercial success.


For more information on Harlem Film Company visit


For information on Chapter and Verse visit


Chapter and Verse Coming To A Theater Near You Soon!

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Written by : Asia Diamond

Atlanta BBQ Festival

7th Annual Atlanta Bar B Q Festival

Write up by: Letitia Rivers

Date: August 15, 2015

So here we have it. The 7th Annual Atlanta BBQ Festival Cook-Off and Competition has come and gone and I am pleased to say that it was a huge success!

This year Six Twelve Magazine was able to meet with many of the vendors and visitors of the festival to see how they were enjoying themselves and with smiles on their faces everyone stated that they were having a great time and are looking forward to next year.

Some of the vendors that were present were Swine & Shine BBQ, Runaway Smoke BBQ, Hired Guns and Ben Hill BBQ just to name a few, whom all received awards for their excellent tasting food. There were also fun activities for the children which made for an enjoyable and fun filled family weekend outing.

Six Twelve Magazine was also able to walk through the Taste of ALABAMA BAR B Q Museum which was a phenomenal experience. The museum featured a mini film which shared the history of the many popular and historical Bar BQ restaurants that are present in each city in Alabama.

The live entertainment was AMAZING with and awesome closing act being brought by none other than Brother Hawk.

Six Twelve Magazine Rates the 7th Annual Atlanta Bar B Q Festival with an A+ and we say Job Well Done!