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QT Jazz

165626_8f07e7bc0ddc4e84ae2ea0baabbabe81QT Jazz is a little older now and has a few things that she will like to share with you. She has been working hard, and according to her the old age is kicking in LOL.  She has been getting into writing  a whole lot more. She has released her remix to Aaliyah “At Your Best” and it was the first song she wrote by herself. In the first week she received 10k plays, “I was really happy with the feedback that I received”, says QT. She also released an Xscape tribute, when they did Xscape aired on Unsung; They were not too pleased on how they were portrayed. After that there was a lot of talk about doing an Xscape biopic. She got with two of the OMG Girlz (Zonnique and Bahja), and Kelsie and they did a tribute to Xscape- “Understanding”. Outside of that, she has dipped into a many of things: One a program she did with Sprite- Sprite P.O.U.R. as a social influencer which focuses on highlighting people doing fashion, art and music. Because the program went so well she eventually  got to work with people like Coke- and do the award shows. She also has a lip gloss collection, which did really well online Selfies Cosmetics contacted her and asked to feature her in a selection called the “QT” selection. QT Jazz has been doing more of acting lately . It’s not to many things that she can speak on because things are still in the works. QT Jazz wants you all to know to that she has a bright future and looks forward to sharing with her fans

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At Your Best (remix)


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 Written by : Asia Diamond


June 2011 - Carlysia Levert

Carlysia Levert daughter to the legendary late Gerald Levert pays tribute to her father in our tribute issue of Six Twelve Magazine. Order your copy of Six Twelve Magazine!





This issue is a tribute to Word Up Magazine. It pays tribute to an era of HIP HOP in its prime and where the music was born in NY. On the Cover is Rahiem Member of the Legendary group Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5. Click the cover to order your copy of this issue!

Jan|Feb 2011


Purchase Print or Digital Copies of This Issue Featuring 1/4 of R&B Group 112 Daron Jones!








Atlanta, Georgia—October 18, 2010) One of Hip Hop’s most notable groups, The Outlawz, continue to be a symbol of hope, persistence, and hard work on the streets of our past, present, and future. The group announces the release of their first Mixtape EP “KILLUMINATI 2K10” Hosted by DJ Smallz since being reunited with original member, Hussein Fatal. With a blend of hot beats, combined with the group’s sharp lyrical talent, it is no wonder why the music industry pronounces this release as an anticipated wait needed in the game.
KILLUMINATI 2K10 Mixtape will be available for download on Halloween 2010.

The Outlawz promise that each track is filled with that ghetto gospel that they were introduced to by their mentor Tupac Shakur, as well as, inspired by their new beginning to “SHOW & PROVE” their unique lyrical craft that unites them together as one. The Mixtape EP includes special guest appearances from some of the industries talents such as Freeway, Young Buck, Stormey, The Jacka, Yung La and more. The collaborations featured on “KILLUMINATI 2K10” is a blend of music that the streets, the clubs, the fellas, and the ladies can enjoy to have in rotation.

The last leaked track released from the Mixtape entitled “SEEN IT ALL” featuring the SOUTH’S own Young Buck took over the Internet and Twitter in less than a day since its premiere. “IT AIN’T OVER” is a track which expresses the groups sentiments, and their continued push throughout the streets to KEEP HIP HOP ALIVE. “KILLUMINATI  2K10” Mixtape finds The Lawz teaming up for the first time with WEST COAST rapper The Jacka for a street ballad called “COUNT MY BLESSINGS“, as well as one of the EAST COAST finest rappers, Freeway, on a self-explained hit entitled “KUSH DREAMZ”.

Following the Mixtape EP, the group will be releasing over 12 new music videos premiering on, and will continue to drop a new exclusive track every week on as part of the Return of The Real series in anticipation for their official studio album “Perfect Timing” slated for release worldwide in spring of 2011.

Make sure to follow The Outlawz at  For more news, announcements, surprises and exclusive leaks from the group as they continue to show and prove why they are more than just emcees in the game. The Outlawz is a culture and an expanded brand that continues to represent the ghetto gospel that was once lost in the Hip Hop Community. 

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