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ATL Live On The Park Season Finale with Angie Stone

ATL Live On The Park had their season finale on Tuesday, November 10th. ATL Live On the Park has had some great entertainers come by and grace the stage. From Silk, Demetria Mckinney, Tyra B, Lyfe Jennings and more. But, they closed it out with a bang with R&B Diva Angie Stone. Angie Stone had the chance to meet with media and talk about her career and upcoming album.

Now we all know Angie Stone from her hit singles Brothers, which just so happens to be one of her favorite songs that she has done. To let us know that we have help our Brothers and not the kick them down but bring them up. You may also know Ms. Stone from *singing* My sunshine has come, and I’m all cried out. And there’s no more rain in this cloud. We have all had days like this, but when you get through it you get through. This as you can see is my favorite song. Hence I started singing.

As I had the chance to listen to her tell her story. The first thing that came to my mind is you never know  what a person is going through. You should not assume. I had the chance to ask Ms. Stone do you consider yourself a pioneer or an icon? Ms. Angie responded Pioneer. She does not consider herself as an Icon until she wins her a grammy.

She has been nominated for a grammy, but has yet to win. The fact that she was able to humble herself and say that she is not icon says a lot. When a person is able to humble themselves it shows who a person really is. In my eyes Angie Stone is an ICON, but I respect what she feels about herself and her career.

Angie Stone performed her hit singles. As well as music from her new album Dream available in stores and online.


Written by: Asia Diamond


Six Twelve Magazine attended the ATL Time2Shine event,which is for upcoming artist who get the chance to showcase their talent and style for music. The showcase was at a club called Enclave. When you look on the outside of the club it looks as if the club would be small, once you go in it was the total opposite quite spacious and open. You can tell they cater to their VIP which is on both sides of the club.The stage was just right for the performers to do their thing. There were many great performers, but two stood out . One singer by the name of Casme’ when she sang she had the whole clubs attention , and she could dance. She is a force to be reckoned with. There was also a group of four handsome young men by the name of IamVincentClark.  These young men sang their hearts out and had dance moves for days, making all the ladies melt, they were very charming. Well known rapper/artist Diamond came out to show love wearing a long black dress, with her new purple hair looking gorgeous. I enjoyed myself and was very entertained. If you never been to ATL Time2Shine events I would say make it your business to come on out and check out these up and coming artist.





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*this write up was by 612 angel M1ss Rah*




OMG!!!!!! Last night was amazing. When I tell you that I had a great time I feel like I’m lying. I had an amazing time last night!!!! I (Asia Diamond) have to first say thank you again to Josh (Fly Publicity) for inviting Six Twelve Magazine and OMHHI out last night to cover Luke James show. Now I have to be honest, I have heard about Luke James a few times. I have even had a friend on social media (lyricsbykim) tag me in a few of Luke James postings. So when I received the invite to cover his show I said I have to go to this. I heard nothing but good things about Luke James but you know how the media can be. Can’t believe everything you hear. Well I will say the MEDIA WAS RIGHT!!!!!! 
Luke James is a wonderful performer. He can saaaaannnnngggg and his energy OMG (yes I know I keep saying that but thats how I feel).  As he performed I had to go to my iTunes and purchase his album right away. He kind of remind me of the young Johnny Gill (singing wise). He hit every single note, and most of all he gave a show. 
Ooooo let me rewind…..George Tandy Jr. opened up for Luke James and he had the crowd going, I have a feeling he use to be a comedian at some point in his life. He performed his single March and that was my first time hearing it and I am ready to see him perform again. 
I am at a lost for words on this whole show. 
Two amazing singers/entertainers, I would love to see them both again live. Luke James is the TRUTH!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned for footage, photos and interviews from Six Twelve Magazine, OMHHI (On My HipHop Ish) and The Show with Kym Swain.


*this write up was by 612 angel Asia Diamond*