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OWN IT TOUR w/ Nichole Bess (Empowerment Coach)

Naté- I am sitting here with Ms.-Hard-Work herself, Nichole Bess. How are you?
              Nichole Bess- I’m good.
Naté- Exhausted I’m sure. This is city number…?
              Nichole Bess- This is my first.
Naté- This is your first stop?
              Nichole Bess- This is my first stop.
Naté- Ok, so congratulations on an successful event. I heard a little on what inspired you, but can you tell our readers your initial inspiration?
              Nichole Bess- My initial inspiration of OWNit is my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother are all passed away and they all passed away with a secret, an untold truth. So one day as I sat back and thought about it and I was like “they could have never lived. What type of life is that? To have died and then something come out about what you never told.” So my mission is to make sure that women don’t die an un-lived life.
Naté- That is beautiful. I feel like women especially hold a lot in so sometimes how we’re feeling gets pushed to the back burner. So I applaud you. It’s so inspiring to see a woman finding her purpose. With organizing the tour, how did you go about picking each city? Was it a focus on region?
            Nichole Bess- I actually googled which cities had the highest number of female entrepreneurs and made the schedule based on that.
Naté- Smart business move! You have a large following. What would you tell to someone who sees you as inspiration?
           Nichole Bess- The one thing I would say is just DO IT. Just go for it. No matter what it looks like when you get there, just get there and walk in that. No one knows your purpose besides you, right? And it’s your obligation to God to get that done because He put you here for that reason.
Naté- Thank you so much for sitting with me and sharing. You are an inspiration to so many women. Continue being a business bombshell, a great mother, friend, and girl boss and congratulations on your engagement
           Nichole Bess- Thank you!






“Women Rule The World!”

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June 2011 - Carlysia Levert

Carlysia Levert daughter to the legendary late Gerald Levert pays tribute to her father in our tribute issue of Six Twelve Magazine. Order your copy of Six Twelve Magazine!


Pop Up Clothing Drive and Fashion Show

Who run the world?  Sporty Girls!!

Their mission is to cultivate, enrich and challenge young women to participate in non-traditional sports, while fostering and developing lifestyles skills.  With all donated items going to Love Beyond Walls, Sporty Girls Inc. set out to collect new and used clothes for homeless middle and high school girls.

Garb Shoetique provided a venue where these precious little girls and beautiful young women all donning a bit of pink, joined together to give big with their Big Give.  The event offered an entertaining quality while focusing on the issue of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves.  Terrance and Cecilia Lester with Love Beyond Walls accepted boxes of donated clothing that surely will make a difference for many well deserving teen girls who could have, but will not go without thanks to the efforts of those who realize that sometimes all you need is a helping hand…and a nice pair of sneakers.

These girls, participants in sports ranging from golf to swimming to tennis, fiercely stomped down the pink carpet to make a statement in their athletic wear that every girl can be sporty!

For more information on any of these organizations visit:

Sporty Girls Inc.

Love Beyond Wals


*this write up was written by 612 angel EJ Peterson*

Heels 4A Cause

I had the pleasure of attending Heel My Heart’s Heels 4A Cause Strike Out Domestic Violence Bowling Event with special guest from VH1’s Atlanta Exes, Domestic Violence Ambassador Christina Johnson.  This event was a great time for a great cause, starting the evening with the serious issue of domestic violence survival but ending the night with food, laughs and of course bragging rights to the winner of the bowling competition.

Mostly all teams boasted of how they would be the winners by the end of the event, however competition was not the real goal.  Nikki Chaney about a dozen teams together to create a bigger awareness and assist in her own way in helping to end domestic violence.  Although the night was a night of competition, everyone came out a winner.

For more information on Ms. Nikki Chaney and her company visit

Thank you InGeneUs PR!!

*this write up was written by 612 Angel EJ Peterson*


Sip N Shop

What’s my products? What’s my vision? What’s my brand? Those are some of the questions to ask yourself when entrepreneurship is your goal. 
The Brand You Sip N Shop was held at Exotic Paradise Boutique on Saturday, January 24 and hosted by Brandi Nichole, CEO of Bee Chic Images. With over 12 years in her field, Brandi Nichole offered her personal insight of taking on the business world. Guest and vendors had an opportunity to learn the fundamentals and dos and don’ts of creating a brand that applies to all business no matter the field.
One piece of information to note is that your brand needs to be attractive to your target audience while staying true to yourself. Now I can’t give away the details, you’ll just have to make it to the next one; but if your contemplating being your own boss one day, ask yourself ‘What’s my brand?’!

*this write up was by 612 angel EJ Peterson*

Love Doesn’t Hurt Production- WWAVF

Six Twelve Angels of Six Twelve Magazine were welcomed to The Love Doesn’t Hurt production presented by the Women With A Vision Foundation. On Nov. 1st. It’s Silent No More, speaking out against Domestic Violence. The production was held at ST. Mark United Methodist Church located at Peachtree in NE Atlanta Georgia. St. Mark Methodist Church is a beautiful church from the inside out. As soon as you walk up to the church there is red carpet from the outside on in. As soon as you open the door it was lights camera action-red carpet time. I loved that part of it because knowing what these women went through it was like a way of saying you are special here is the red carpet laid out for you. I felt so welcomed as soon as I walked through the door; they made you feel like family. In the production there were singers, and even plays showing and describing the different types of violence that women even men, and children face.  There was a scene portrayed of a girl about the age of 10 being molested by her mother’s boyfriend, and her mother didn’t believe her when she tried to tell her what was going on. It hurt just to see it being acted out because I myself have two young girls. There was another scene being acted out about a Deaf women being emotionally abused by her man, he took advantage of her being deaf and ignored how she felt and how he was hurting her it was deep. In between the plays, a powerful women by the name of Lauren Hudson who is an Emmy Award Winning Broadcast Personality who herself survived domestic violence, spoke out and encouraged the women that they did the right thing to walk away and let them know that they were loved. There were brave women who got up on the pulpit and shared their story on surviving Domestic Violence. There was a woman by the name of Nicole Red who shared her story of being a cop during the day and getting emotionally and verbally abused at night, it opens your eyes to the fact that nobody is safe from abuse it can happen to anyone even an officer who is hired to protect. Nicole Red has a book coming out Called “Free to Fly” about her story on domestic violence November 11, 2014. There was a familiar Honoree Erica Pinkett form LHHATL. She is a survivor of Domestic violence from her daughter’s father who tried to kill her when she decided to finally leave. This hit home for me because I have a best friend whom I love dearly who is in a similar situation that Erica was in , only thing is she will not leave all though she wants to because she says she loves him. I got very emotional hearing Erica Story thinking I pray my friend gets the strength to leave before he kills her, and realize that Love Doesn’t Hurt. Erica Pinkett received an acrylic crystal Recognition Plaque for her advocacy to domestic violence. This production opened my eyes to the abuse that goes on in the dark that women, men and children fear to bring to the light. I am very grateful that Nakia Clarke who is the Founder/President of WWAV Foundation invited us to experience the open arms for those who suffer in darkness. For anyone who knows someone going through domestic violence and afraid to leave, tell them Love Doesn’t Hurt and they can call the cops, go to a church, or even go to a family members home. Just leave and do not be afraid to tell your story it can save a life.

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*this article was written by 612 angel M1ss Rah*

612 Angels M1ss Rah and Asia Diamond w/ Lauren Hudson

612 Angels M1ss Rah and Asia Diamond w/ Lauren Hudson


612 Angles M1ss Rah and Asia Diamond w/ Erica Pinkett

612 Angles M1ss Rah and Asia Diamond w/ Erica Pinkett



*this article was written by 612 Angel M1ss Rah*