Release The Kraken aka The Ratchet Play

Three words to describe “Release the Kraken”; raw, rachet, and dirty. This risqué production took the audience on a roller coaster of  laughs, relation, and oh-no-they-didn’t. With 22 year young writer, Chris Patterson, and the amazing improve group there was no “rachet” subject that went untouched. The diversity of the cast made it so no one group could run and hide behind “oh they were racists” or “they discriminated”. They even included the audience in several improvisations such as “The Twerk”, and of course I was called up. (Lol)
After the production wrapped they held a Q&A for the cast and audience. I opened the floor with “I am an actress myself so I understand the masking, however, what was it like preparing yourself to perform such vulgar and offensive material?” Each stated their personal experience, agreeing that it wasn’t easy but director Phil Williams made the space a no-judgement zone which helped them become a family. I followed with a question toward the writer, Chris, “you are so young and your material is creativity wild, where did you go and what went through your mind when writing the skits?” He replied that even though many of his writings reflected urban entertainment such as rap artists and reality tv, he wasn’t into any of that. He merely researched and even had help from a reality guru to assure the writing was “on the money”. He explained that his intent was to never offend anyone, however in order to address issues you must attack them head on. He further explained that our generation was so lost in the rush of social media, glam, and rudeness that many don’t know that this is how they really appear…
*This write up was written by 612 Angel Nate*