A “Model on the Rise” is not only a model who uses his/her looks but a person who uses their looks to become a super individual. Goal oriented, poised, classy and have a clear understanding that modeling is not an easy job but an opportunity to use the platform to build and do inspirational things for not only themselves but those around them.

Models who are interested in featuring please submit 4 of your best shots, including a head shot and a body shot a bio including credentials and please include the reason why you should be selected to feature as the “Model On The Rise” inside an upcoming digital and print issue of 6Twelve Magazine. Please be sure to include your contact information so that if you are selected we will have a source to reach you.

Please do not submit nude pictures or your submission will be deleted and your submission will not be considered.

Please do not make multiple submissions with a six month period. If you are selected for a featured you will be contacted by a 6 Twelve Magazine authorized staff member.

Submit to

If you are interested in becoming a featured photographer please submit links to your portfolio and a resume to Make certain to use the Subject heading : Becoming an Exclusive Photographer.  Please not exclusive photographers must not be currently under contract with other publications to be considered. If you are considered to be one of 6 Twelve Magazines exclusive photographers, then you will be contacted using contact information submitted during the submission process.

MODELS book your shoot with one of our  exclusive photographers our exclusive photographers. To be considered for a feature for 6Twelve Magazine a submission by one of our exclusive photographers will increase your chances of submission being considered. Our photographers reserve all rights to rates and discount information. Please contact the photographer in your region for that information.