Marsha Ambrosius-Friends and Lovers Tour

When I first received confirmation on attending Marsha Ambrosius-Friends and Lover Tour. I knew I was going to be in for a treat. What I did not know was that I will experience so many emotions from laughs to tears. Marsha Ambrosius is what I call an entertainer. She not only just gets on stage and performs her songs, she draws you in.  I have to thank Muddy Water Group for inviting Six Twelve Magazine out to cover the Friends and Lover Tour. Marsha’s over all performance was good but there are always things that stand out when you go to an event, or concert. She performed a few new and old songs. When she started performing 69 *gasp* MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA you are a naughty girl but I like it hehe. This song right here was my favorite it had a little Hip Hop Vibe to it. She was not afraid to put herself out there about her life. Which brings me to her random hash tags she had during the performance on the projector #THOT #SOPHISTICATELYRATCHET . She compared herself to all the hash tags, unlike others she was able to own up to it.

Then she went into my all time favorite song, but before I tell you that let me tell you how she went into it. She stated how she was seeing a guy and she knew he was seeing someone else. But the plan was that she had him every Tuesday and Wednesday. But on Tuesday he was a no show so she called the girl he was with but she didn’t respond which showed she was with him. She didn’t mind but it was Tuesday and she had him on Tuesdays. So with that said she said “I HOPE SHE CHEATS ON YOU WITH A BASKETBALL PLAYER, HOPE THAT SHE KIM KARSASHIAN THE WAY UP…..” the crowd went crazy I know I did. I have had this song on repeat plenty of times. For every song she performed she had a skit before it.

Another touching moment was when she did “Butterflies” by MJ and his photos and videos playing in the background. And her song “Far Away” when she mentioned she had lost a friend to suicide. This was my first time hearing this song and it touched me. Sucks how people are not able to live their lives without being judged.

All of Marsha Ambrosius songs will touch someone in some way. I will love to see her perform again.

Thank you again to Muddy Water Group and Kym Swain