Soulfood Sessions with Niya Matthews: Rooftop Brunch

Its that time again for another amazing Rooftop Brunch in ATLANTA! Soulfood Sessions with Niya is bringing yet another empowering, spiritual sisterhood experience that’s sure to leave you RESTORED!  An exquisite menu, classy atmosphere, surrounded with positives vibes, good music, cocktails and more. Soulfood Sessions with Niya Rooftop Brunch is sure to give hope, promise, and comfort to all those in the atmosphere. If you’ve ever attended a Retreat or Brunch hosted by Soulfood Sessions with Niya, then you know you WON’T be disappointed.  TICKETS ONLY $40.00 Brunch included ( reserve your seat to take advantage of this price)

Bring your Sister, BFF, Girlfriend, Mom, Aunt, or come make a new friend, this sisterhood experience is AUTHENTIC, and Life Changing…

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(Atlanta, GA) Climax Entertainment, Enchanted Branding & Public Relations, KISS 104.1 and on-air personality Sasha the Diva partnered for an intimate fan experience with legendary R&B icon Freddie Jackson on Friday, April 20, 2018. The event was a celebration for the release of Jackson’s new single “Without You”. Sasha hosted a LIVE interview with Jackson that touched on everything from his favorite memories with peers to his hit single “Nice and Slow” being sampled for one of today’s hottest hip hop records.

Jackson also addressed the recent rumors of his weight loss and explained that after being overweight during his early years he wanted to make a life change for his health. Jackson joked around with the audience and danced with Sasha to his new single along with a few lucky ladies from the audience.

Jackson encouraged the audience to live their lives to the fullest and to make sure they always give love a chance. He played several album cuts from his upcoming release “Love Signals”, acknowledging that love is missing from much of today’s music. “I wanted to do what I love doing, but I wanted to do it my way. I’m not broken there is no reason to fix me. I wanted to make the kind of music that Freddie Jackson loves creating for his fans and that’s what I did with this album. We’re sending out love signals across the world, because love is what is needed to heal people.” Jackson explained.

Guests were treated to Cajun pasta and hors d’oerves from Simone’s catering and enjoyed a cake from Black Diamond Edible Creations. DJ Omezy provided the soundtrack for the event which was held at Paint Sip Socialize, located at 1259 Glenwood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA. For more information on Freddie Jackson‘s upcoming album follow him on social media at: @Freddie_jackson_official.

Click the link to see Freddie Jackson dancing to Ball Greezy’s hit single “Nice and Slow”

(link provided by Kingsmen Media)

Women, Wealth Wine

Chicks With Cheques & Women Who Hustle hosted the first Women, Wealth & Wine event in Washington, DC on April 3rd! This event was for the woman about her money and featured Award winning Financial expert Dominique Broadway, with wine provided by Wine Lady Janelle.

The women enjoyed being empowered about money and of course the wine they drink! The Power Bags were sponsored by XOXO Cosmetics, Meraki Essentials, Deisgner Wicks, Olivia Rose Skincare, Beau Bomb, Charms by Kinda, African Pride with Cupcakes provided by Paired Perfection!


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QT Jazz

QT Jazz is a little older now and has a few things that she will like to share with you. She has been working hard, and according to her the old age is kicking in LOL.  She has been getting into writing  a whole lot more. She has released her remix to Aaliyah “At Your Best” and it was the first song she wrote by herself. In the first week she received 10k plays, “I was really happy with the feedback that I received”, says QT. She also released an Xscape tribute, when they did Xscape aired on Unsung; They were not too pleased on how they were portrayed. After that there was a lot of talk about doing an Xscape biopic. She got with two of the OMG Girlz (Zonnique and Bahja), and Kelsie and they did a tribute to Xscape- “Understanding”. Outside of that, she has dipped into a many of things: One a program she did with Sprite- Sprite P.O.U.R. as a social influencer which focuses on highlighting people doing fashion, art and music. Because the program went so well she eventually  got to work with people like Coke- and do the award shows. She also has a lip gloss collection, which did really well online Selfies Cosmetics contacted then her and asked to feature her in a selection called the “QT” selection. QT Jazz has been doing more of acting lately . It’s not to many things that she can speak on because things are still in the works. QT Jazz wants you all to know to that she has a bright future and looks forward to sharing with her fans


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check out the Xscape Tribute:

Check out her video Heels Bags

VH1’s Christina Johnson Amazing Me, Amazing Life Overnight Retreat

VH1’s Christina Johnson empowers with the Amazing Me, Amazing Life Overnight Retreat
Guests celebrate her transition from reality star to life coach with an intimate overnight retreat drawing dozens of woman and special guests.
(October 5, 2015) The guests of Amazing Me, Amazing Life Overnight Retreat had only one word to describe their Saturday night: Amazing. On Oct. 3, nearly 75 women joined VH1’s Christina Johnson at Green Ranch for a secluded escape from the fast-paced city and the official launch of BFLY Coaching, Christina’s new life coaching program for women who struggle with spiritual and business growth.

Release The Kraken aka The Ratchet Play by 612 Angel Nate`

Three words to describe “Release the Kraken”; raw, rachet, and dirty. This risqué production took the audience on a roller coaster of  laughs, relation, and oh-no-they-didn’t. With 22 year young writer, Chris Patterson, and the amazing improve group there was no “rachet” subject that went untouched. The diversity of the cast made it so no one group could run and hide behind “oh they were racists” or “they discriminated”. They even included the audience in several improvisations such as “The Twerk”, and of course I was called up. (Lol)
After the production wrapped they held a Q&A for the cast and audience. I opened the floor with “I am an actress myself so I understand the masking, however, what was it like preparing yourself to perform such vulgar and offensive material?” Each stated their personal experience, agreeing that it wasn’t easy but director Phil Williams made the space a no-judgement zone which helped them become a family. I followed with a question toward the writer, Chris, “you are so young and your material is creativity wild, where did you go and what went through your mind when writing the skits?” He replied that even though many of his writings reflected urban entertainment such as rap artists and reality tv, he wasn’t into any of that. He merely researched and even had help from a reality guru to assure the writing was “on the money”. He explained that his intent was to never offend anyone, however in order to address issues you must attack them head on. He further explained that our generation was so lost in the rush of social media, glam, and rudeness that many don’t know that this is how they really appear…
*This write up was written by 612 Angel Nate` *

Marsha Ambrosius-Friends and Lovers Tour

When I first received confirmation on attending Marsha Ambrosius-Friends and Lover Tour. I knew I was going to be in for a treat. What I did not know was that I will experience so many emotions from laughs to tears. Marsha Ambrosius is what I call an entertainer. She not only just gets on stage and performs her songs, she draws you in.  I have to thank Muddy Water Group for inviting Six Twelve Magazine out to cover the Friends and Lover Tour. Marsha’s over all performance was good but there are always things that stand out when you go to an event, or concert. She performed a few new and old songs. When she started performing 69 *gasp* MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA you are a naughty girl but I like it hehe. This song right here was my favorite it had a little Hip Hop Vibe to it. She was not afraid to put herself out there about her life. Which brings me to her random hash tags she had during the performance on the projector #THOT #SOPHISTICATELYRATCHET . She compared herself to all the hash tags, unlike others she was able to own up to it.

Then she went into my all time favorite song, but before I tell you that let me tell you how she went into it. She stated how she was seeing a guy and she knew he was seeing someone else. But the plan was that she had him every Tuesday and Wednesday. But on Tuesday he was a no show so she called the girl he was with but she didn’t respond which showed she was with him. She didn’t mind but it was Tuesday and she had him on Tuesdays. So with that said she said “I HOPE SHE CHEATS ON YOU WITH A BASKETBALL PLAYER, HOPE THAT SHE KIM KARSASHIAN THE WAY UP…..” the crowd went crazy I know I did. I have had this song on repeat plenty of times. For every song she performed she had a skit before it.

Another touching moment was when she did “Butterflies” by MJ and his photos and videos playing in the background. And her song “Far Away” when she mentioned she had lost a friend to suicide. This was my first time hearing this song and it touched me. Sucks how people are not able to live their lives without being judged.

All of Marsha Ambrosius songs will touch someone in some way. I will love to see her perform again.

Thank you again to Muddy Water Group and Kym Swain