Duvwon Robinson

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Duvwon Robinson to hold Jan. 30th press conference to announce plan to unseat incumbent Superior Court Clerk Fulton County in 2016 County Race

Atlanta (Jan. 28, 2016) — Atlanta native Duvwon Robinson will formally announce his candidacy for the seat of Superior Court Clerk of Fulton County on Saturday, Jan. 30, at 3 p.m. on the steps of the Fulton County Superior Court, 136 Pryor Street, Atlanta 30303. Robinson will discuss his background, qualifications for the position, his vision for the county and address speculation of corruption and scandal under the current County Clerk.

Robinson said, “My goal is to change the way that Fulton County views leadership and accountability, and by entering into the 2016 Fulton County race, I plan to inspire a new generation of leaders to step up and become more involved in the County’s governance.”

Born at Grady Memorial Hospital, raised in the Bowen Homes community and educated in the Atlanta Public School system, Robinson graduated from Frederick Douglass High School at the age of 15. However, as he explains, he stumbled through life for three years, hanging out, gambling and playing basketball until he enrolled in Morgan State

University, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in political science; a turnaround in his life.

“Today, my passion and reverence for my city and community are unmatched,” he said, “…and my goal is to take the position of the informant in this campaign, where I will truly lead and educate communities across Fulton County with honesty and transparency. My plan to bring about positive enhancements within the Office of the Clerk will enable us to better serve our constituents, and most importantly, create partnerships that foster relevant solutions to the many problems that Atlanta residents face daily.”

Robinson is a career counselor for the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency, a position that enables him to direct an array of community initiatives and provides more than 2,000 jobs (alongside job training) to Atlanta residents since the agency was re-organized in 2014. He is also known for his unwavering service to the Atlanta community and is a four-time recipient of the Male Mentorship Award and Volunteer of the Year Award, both from Atlanta Public Schools. Among a wide array of community involvement, he is a devoted volunteer at the Andrew and Walter Young YMCA as a mentor for youth and a member of the Young Democrats of Georgia.


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