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165626_8f07e7bc0ddc4e84ae2ea0baabbabe81QT Jazz is a little older now and has a few things that she will like to share with you. She has been working hard, and according to her the old age is kicking in LOL.  She has been getting into writing  a whole lot more. She has released her remix to Aaliyah “At Your Best” and it was the first song she wrote by herself. In the first week she received 10k plays, “I was really happy with the feedback that I received”, says QT. She also released an Xscape tribute, when they did Xscape aired on Unsung; They were not too pleased on how they were portrayed. After that there was a lot of talk about doing an Xscape biopic. She got with two of the OMG Girlz (Zonnique and Bahja), and Kelsie and they did a tribute to Xscape- “Understanding”. Outside of that, she has dipped into a many of things: One a program she did with Sprite- Sprite P.O.U.R. as a social influencer which focuses on highlighting people doing fashion, art and music. Because the program went so well she eventually  got to work with people like Coke- and do the award shows. She also has a lip gloss collection, which did really well online Selfies Cosmetics contacted her and asked to feature her in a selection called the “QT” selection. QT Jazz has been doing more of acting lately . It’s not to many things that she can speak on because things are still in the works. QT Jazz wants you all to know to that she has a bright future and looks forward to sharing with her fans

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At Your Best (remix)


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 Written by : Asia Diamond


Who is SPark.?

SPark. is exactly what my single Let’s Ride G.I. says I am. Im just a regular girl from the G. I’m sweet, silly, funny, caring, and loyal.I love to wear sneakers, sweats, big earrings, and hats. I love to shop, go out to eat, dance in the mirror in my room. One thing that has always been extremely important to me is my family and friends. They are who has kept me “normal” in the midst of my success. I have found myself in the studio with Kanye West, or on stage with with Faith Evans, Jaime Foxx, who ever and I’m still giggling at a text from my big sis, or a silly email from my Mom. Im a sucker for love as you will hear in the majority of my songs. I still find myself listening to a good love song smiling just like I did when I was 13.

SPark. The Artist

Im pretty much the same on stage as I am off. Maybe a little more sexy, confident and aggressive. SPark. the artist likes to wear sexy dresses and pumps. When I’m on stage its MY stage. At a young age I learned how to command the stage and control the crowd. I like to have the crown interact with me on stage. I like for fans to sing along with me, and clap and wave their hands. That makes me feel good and let’s me know that everyone is having a good time. As for my music, I like to create music that makes you smile, encourages you, makes you cry (For a good reason), or just makes you wanna dance. I try to be very honest when I write. I lived in Atlanta for 4 years and did a lot of writing for artists down there when I worked with Dallas Austin. I learned so much from that experience that I just took notes and incorporated that into my style of writing. But to sum it up, Im the same off as I am on stage. Always smiling…

SPark. on Performing

I wanted to perform before I wanted to record. People always tell me thats backwards, but thats the honest truth. I love live bands. Hearing the music blaring from the monitors, and seeing the crown in front me smiling and clapping their hands, that is the best feeling in world. I love to push myself to the max when I perform. My mentor from Indiana University Bloomington Tyron Cooper always told me “You’re only as good as your last gig.” So with that in mind whether is 20 people or 200 Im gonna give everything I have.

What’s New?

Right now I have an album out called “Feels So Good” available on itunes, cdbaby, and amazon.com. I wrote and vocally arranged the entire album with a few samples. I also have a single out called “Let’s Ride G.I.” thats available at www.sparkersings.com I have a song that I just did with Hit Skrewface, and another song with who I like to call “The Mogul” D-Edge. I also have a remix to “Let’s Ride G.I.” that will the amazing Freddie Gibbs on it. Im so excited to be a new member to the Str8 Slammin Family. I love that I’ve know most of these guys for a long time so it just feels right. They treat me like a sister, and I love them for that.

You can also check out the lyrical talents of SPark. by following her on twitter (stephaniparker) and visiting her website at www.sparkersings.com