Editor in Chief | Founder of 6 Twelve Magazine Rochelle Johnson has decided to use her influences to raise public awareness about autism with her Autism 365 “Aaron’s Voice” project. It is my  hope that with my celebrity influence and medical professionals insight that we will not only give autism a voice but raise millions of dollars towards research to find the cause of Autism. Did you know that autism research receive less than 5% funding?

For those who aren’t familiar with Rochelle Johnson and her passion behind this cause, please allow me to briefly explain her motivation behind finding a discovery in this autism fight.

Rochelle Johnson is a mother of a son (Aaron) who was diagnosed with autism when he was 9 years old after years of testing and misdiagnosis. Aaron is now 19 years old and her family lives with autism 365 days. Rochelle states, “Autism has one month out of the year to bring awareness to the cause when in fact it affects our lives and the lives of  other families with autism all year long.  WE live it 365, when a child is diagnosed with autism it is a family diagnosis not just the children or even adults who live with it themselves.”

Rochelle Johnson is so passionate about bringing awareness to the cause that she created a magazine “6 Twelve” which is her son birthday [6-12-99] so that she could have a platform to deliver a positive message. Autism is not a disease; it is a disorder, a social disorder that impacts millions of children and families. Autism took away my sons voice, but with every fighting breathe in me I will give it back,” says Rochelle.

With assistance from supporters, community influence, celebrity influence and professional insights we can raise awareness to this cause and raise money that will assist in research for institutions and foundations that fight for funding, yet desperately search of a cause. These institution’s are our voice the parents who live with Autism everyday, its our only hope.

Our goal is to raise millions of dollars with the  “Aaron’s Voice 365” Project and provide at minimum a $25000 check to an organization every month towards the research. We are confident that with everyone’s assistance we can deliver check to these organizations that will help give our children back their voices, it can be done!!!

Celebrities we need your star power, professionals we need your business influences, medical professional we need your knowledge. Help us give our children back what has been taken from them by finding a cause an prevention methods.

Managers, PR’s, Business owners etc. If you are interested in being a part of this project contact

Rochelle Johnson 404-828-0612 or Email: aaronsvoice365@gmail.com

Bliss supporting Aarons Voice 365

Donations can be made two ways:

(1.) Secure Pay Pal payments via aaronsvoice365@gmail.com

(2.) By mailing donations to  Autism 365 “Aaron’s Voice” C/O T. R. JOHNSON, P.O. Box 961842, Riverdale, GA 30296






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