2017 Pink Champagne Gala

Six Twelve Magazine was so excited to attend the 2017 Pink Champagne Gala in
Atlanta on Saturday! The Charge Up Campaign and The Table Talk Series presented The
Charge UP, Charge PYNK Pink Champagne Gala. The gal was to celebrate cancer
survivors and caregivers. The event was hosted by Big Ray Dyer from V-10 and Kim
McNair (Women on the move). They honored such attendees: Ann-Marie Appiah (Painted
Pink), Tiah Tomlin (My Brest Years Ahead), Charlotte Wilson (Glow Skin Enhancement),
Meisha Amia (Nurse Meme), Anisa Palmer (I Will Survive), Janet Jackson (Charger-Up
Honoree), and and Larry Gibson (Charge-Up Honoree). We were able to enjoy great music
and awesome vendors. Proceeds from Gala support Charge-Up Campaign DAY OF
CELEBRATION ROAD TRIP and One Survivor in need of support! This was such a
pleasurable event to be apart of